UK Branch

Office Address

14, Watermill Close Richmond TW10 7UH, London



+44 7448 168676

Warehouse Address

Unit 2P , Sambhav House Greenhill Way, Harrow Middlesex, London, UK HA1 1AF

About US

HnG Online Ltd. is a fully subsidiary branch of Health and Glow Pharmacy Ltd., Zambia. HnG Online Limited office and warehouse are located at London, UK.

HnG Online Ltd, UK is a wholesaler of pharmaceutical products and developing new research-based products under its own brand name.

It also invests in technical platforms like B2B website and mobile application under pharmaorder.

Pharmaorder is owned by HnG Online Limited, UK.

Pharmaorder application is a web-based platform that connects suppliers of pharmaceutical items and retail pharmacies to streamline the procurement, import-export and distribution process. The application enables suppliers to list their products and services on the platform, while retailers can browse and place orders for the products they require.

Suppliers can create a profile on the application and upload details about their products, pricing, and shipping options. They can manage their inventory levels and track their orders in real-time. Suppliers can also receive notifications for new orders, update order statuses, and communicate with retailers directly through the application.

Retailers can search for products on the platform by category, brand, or supplier, and view product descriptions, pricing, and availability. They can add items to their cart, place orders, and track the delivery status of their orders. Retailers can also receive alerts for product updates, order confirmations, and other relevant information.

Pharmaorder online application provides a central hub for both suppliers and retailers to manage their transactions, reduce manual processes, and improve the efficiency of the supply chain. The application may also include features like automated invoicing, payment processing, and analytics to help both parties make data-driven decisions.

Pharmaorder can help businesses save time and resources by simplifying the procurement process and reducing errors. It can also increase transparency, foster better communication between suppliers and retailers, and improve overall collaboration.

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